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  • Faster sales thanks to sales styling

    Did you know that? 98% of potential buyers first view your home on the internet. It is therefore of great importance that the house is photographed with all its strong points. 80% of potential buyers take a first impression. The viewer decides within 10 seconds whether the home is worth a visit. They do not »more

  • Follow these tips to sell your house faster and at the best price

    Follow these tips to sell your home faster and at the best price. If you are already determined to sell your home, with a professional or on your own, these are the main tips to keep in mind when selling your property. Determine the Value of the Property Remember that it is the market that »more

  • Good sales photos to sell your house

    The sun gives backlight Taking sales photos on a sunny day sounds like a good idea. But, when the sun shines brightly, it is just more difficult to make good indoor photographs. The sun gives a lot of backlight so you often see a large white hole (window) and nothing of the space. A buyer »more

  • Guide to sell your house without dying in the attempt

    The buying and selling of homes has re-shot in February: the progress experienced has been 15.8% compared to the same month of the previous year, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics, and the stars of transactions made in the second month of the year have been, once again, second-hand housing. At the »more

  • The art of organizing and decorating a home for sale

    Have you thought about home staging to sell your house? It is a new technique imported from the United States, which can help you reduce the time of sale and even increase the price of the property. With some simple touch-ups at home, authentic miracles can be performed. Many times to sell a property you »more

  • How to attract potential clients for a real estate agent

    While some real estate agents attract customers through advertising, many successful agents apply other tactics to generate leads. These may be people who plan to buy or sell a property in the near future or who know people interested in doing so. Since the ability to generate leads is essential for the duration of this »more

  • How to be a successful Real Estate Broker

    This principle was the basis for consolidating the most famous Code of Ethics for real estate brokers in the world. Then I share the best tips based on these principles and that are applicable in our environment, as anywhere in the world: BE PUNCTUAL There is no excuse or speech vendor, however clever and suspicious »more

  • How to build a house in land

    If you want to build a house on a vacant lot, you have to take a number of factors into account. Even before buying the land, for example, consider where the land is located, the funding capacity and the restrictions set by the developers, if the package is in a new community. Taking the time »more

  • How to buy a house with a housing subsidy

    Did you know that around 65% of the housing subsidies granted by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (Minvu) are not collected by the beneficiaries? Although the reason for this has not been determined, the reasons may be several: they have not found the property they need, they have not been able to obtain »more

  • Do you really need a real estate broker

    The seller’s agent can be used to take advantage. It is worth remembering that the seller’s broker communicates the buyer’s offer to the owner of the home, and advises that person whether or not to accept the offer. The broker usually receives 5 percent of the sale price of the home, which he then divides »more