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  • Some tips to help sell your home

    Clear your house When selling your home, excess furniture, paintings, books or boxes distracting, make it seem smaller and stays away lots of light. Sometimes only a repositioning of furniture and some small change generates a great advantage for housing Order and cleanliness If you’re going to sell the house, is the perfect place to »more

  • Working with the real estate agent

    Working with a real estate agent or I can do it alone, is the question that most to do, is one of the first impulses that most people have when they think about buying a home, it is to find an estate agent roots, known as a Realtor, Broker, Broker or Advisor. But … what »more

  • Some tips for selling your home

    If you are thinking of selling your house or apartment, it is better that you consider some tips for selling fast and can make the most of the business that you make. Put a real and appropriate price to the area Find out at what price is per square meter in the area where the »more

  • Six tips for selling house first

    Prior to selling a home, it is advisable to consider a number of recommendations to make the process less stressful and discouraging possible. Just as there are many tips to buy, it is not as common in the sales process, and less for those who do it for the first time. Real estate services, offers »more

  • Seven things you expect from your realtor

    IMS Agents in detail tells you everything you should expect the real estate agent you hire. Selling a home can be a stressful experience. Tasks such as getting and keeping the house ready to show and ask if the house is sold or not some of the examples of the overwhelming things a seller can »more

  • Short sale or foreclosure

    If you realize that foreclosure is imminent you should learn about your options rather than simply wait for the reaper to take home. Today, you have options when it comes to foreclosure. You can negotiate with the lender and try to keep your home or you can consider a short sale. Some people will tell »more

  • Seven “deadly sins” by teaching a house for sale

    The first impression is essential to arouse the interest of buyers. Although many people want to buy a house without furniture, a bad presentation of the house before emptying you can ruin a good sale. Expose any collection. It is true that the collections of trophies, medals, movies, seals … can be, in many cases, »more

  • How to deal with real estate agents

    Sometimes real estate agents have access to properties that are not accessible to the general public . The Realtors provide valuable services for some owners who do not have time to see all those interested in renting or buying property. There is a high probability that, sometime in your life we must deal with a »more

  • Real estate advice how to sell and buy a house at a time

    Any real estate transaction is different and unique in their own way. Some materialize immediately while others are obstacles that must be overcome. One of the most complicated situations that exist in real estate is when a person must sell and buy a house at a time. There are different techniques you can use to »more

  • Practical advice so you know how to sell your house

    The most common option in these cases is to delegate this work to a realtor who would be responsible for appraising their value, offering it to potential buyers and close the sale, with the commission included in the price. However, it is also possible to carry out this work directly, without the assistance of any »more