Faster sales thanks to sales styling

Did you know that?

  • 98% of potential buyers first view your home on the internet. It is therefore of great importance that the house is photographed with all its strong points.
  • 80% of potential buyers take a first impression. The viewer decides within 10 seconds whether the home is worth a visit. They do not look through it when a house has some drawbacks and then hook off.
  • Research shows that stylized houses are 50% shorter for sale and yield 15% more than non-stylized houses. That is why sales styling always recurs.

Neutral appearance

The potential buyer is looking for his or her dream home, not your home! You know all the advantages of the house, but try to look through the eyes of a stranger at your house. It is important that the home is as attractive as possible, for as broad a target group as possible. Sales stylists know exactly what to look out for in order to make a property attractive to potential buyers. A light and neutral device plays a major role in this. This ensures as little distraction as possible and helps to emphasize the advantages of the home. It is important that the house stands out in a positive way in the already so large range.

Sales styling, how does that work?

In order to arrive at a good plan of action, it is necessary for the stylist to visit the apartment. One person does this without obligation, the other charges costs for this – ask for this in advance. On the basis of this visit an offer is made and by agreement the stylist gets to work. Sometimes only the entrance of the apartment needs a small makeover, sometimes it concerns all rooms. In a few cases it may be necessary to switch to more drastic measures such as an investment. With a dated kitchen it may be advisable to replace the fronts of the cabinets. In that case, it is possible to discuss with the broker whether this investment has added value for the sales value or sales opportunity. Of course everything always goes into consultation.

Already moved?

Have you already moved and is the house empty? Even now the sales stylist offers a solution and a complete interior can be arranged, so that the house invites visitors to viewings. An empty house is not attractive for potential buyers.

Sales photos

As mentioned earlier, the viewer decides within 10 seconds whether the home is worth the sight. It is therefore important that professional photographs of the home are made. All the work of the sales stylist can be completely canceled out by unprofessional photos. In many cases, the stylist can help you find a good photographer.