Good sales photos to sell your house

The sun gives backlight

Taking sales photos on a sunny day sounds like a good idea. But, when the sun shines brightly, it is just more difficult to make good indoor photographs. The sun gives a lot of backlight so you often see a large white hole (window) and nothing of the space. A buyer is only not interested in the nice weather. Who wants to see your house and the rooms in your house! Photos with backlighting are therefore not good pictures! When the sun shines, you can make beautiful outdoor photos. Wait with the indoor photos rather on a slightly cloudy day.

Photo, first impression

The first thing that most home seekers see from your home is their photos (on the internet). That is the first impression a buyer receives from your home. You only have one chance of a good first impression. The quality of these sales photos is therefore very important. And, to emphasize the importance of good photographs even more; a surfer decides within 5 seconds (!) whether he will continue to view your house or whether he will click it away. The better the photos, the longer the buyer looks at your house and the easier he sees himself living in your house.

Show the space

Are you going to photograph yourself? Then shoot a whole room as much as possible. Is the view of the space blocked by a piece of furniture? Sometimes it is enough to turn the sofa a quarter turn or to remove a seat at the head of the dining table. Photographing an empty room or empty house is also not a good idea. Rooms always look smaller in the picture than they actually are. Always enter an empty room! If only for the sale of your house.

Show plus points

Is your house located in the middle of the green? Make sure that all that green is also on the inside photos. Does your house have beautiful authentic details (decorated ceiling, fireplace), a special layout or beautiful finish? Then bring that into the picture! First make good overview photos of the space and also make a detailed photo of the important detail. It is precisely those details that distinguish your house from the rest of the offer.

Care for atmosphere

People are sensitive to atmosphere. Make sure your house is clean and tidy, but do not overdo it. By turning on all lights and shooting without a flash, you bring a house in the picture. Be careful with different light sources. Some lamps emit cold light and some warm light. That is not always nice together! Incidentally, during a photo session you can simply disable some furniture or accessories, such as the dog bed and the highchair.

Some tips at a glance:

  • Make your house ready for sale before you take pictures (cleaning and depersonalizing)
  • Photograph the benefits of your home
  • Take photos without a flash
  • Bring atmosphere: turn on all the lights when you take the photos
  • Bring in (also) daylight: pull open your curtains as far as possible
  • Choose a good height for your photos: not too high, but certainly not too low
  • Make straight photos: crooked or slanted photos look unprofessional
  • Check that your photos are sharp
  • Also take photos of the outside and, if relevant, the surroundings
  • Small spaces, such as the bathroom, are difficult to photograph. Keep door handles and door frames out of the picture as much as possible. Choose the largest possible angle to show as much of the space as possible.
  • Make sure that you do not take standing photographs, rather take as many pictures as possible.