Inspection rights owner under HUD housing

If you are a tenant or owner under agreement HUD, that unit where the tenant uses a Section 8 voucher, the rules for access to the property owners is clearly stated. If, as an owner, you think you have the right to inspect the place, you are protected by clear rules issued by HUD.


You have the right to enter into the unit for specific tasks. These are: inspecting the unit, carry out the repairs requested by the tenant, supply agreed services or show unity contractors, new prospective tenants or buyers.

Heads Up

In either case, you must usually obtain the consent of the tenant and give at least 24 hours in advance. The only exception is if the tenant has given you a request in writing for repairs. In this case, you have the right to enter without notice for seven days following receipt of the request.


The normal notification rules are suspended in case of an emergency where you have the right to immediate access. This could mean, for example, a situation where the tenant is seriously ill, or when the drive is empty and no running water.

Other access

You can also enter the unit without notice or consent if the tenant has been missing for more than seven days and the disclosure is reasonably necessary; if the tenant has abandoned the premises; to serve a notice, or pursuant to a court order.


If the unit has a private patio or outdoor space, the landlord can enter this area without notice; provided that you have a written agreement with the tenant you are responsible for maintenance.