Key tips for selling my house

We know that the sale of a property is, in most cases, the cause of many headaches.

The price: a key factor for sale

The price of housing is the most important in the sales process element. We must take into account the circumstances of the housing market and establish an appropriate price to it not to suffer negative consequences. We tend to think of putting a higher price, but this is a very common mistake:

  • An apartment or a house with a high price make it easier for your competitors to sell your home before.
  • The list of interested buyers will be lower, since they will select other options that most closely match your pocket.
  • The property market will stagnate and selling will become increasingly complex.
  • The property will suffer problems with pricing.

What is the value of your house

You have to consider at what point the current market at the moment, competition, and type of funding available, the actual state of housing, area and location is, etc.

The value of your house

Do not you calculate the value of your home based on what you have invested in it, what you paid for it when you purchased or what you want to gain from their sale.

Other factors to consider is the presentation of housing. Requires that potential buyers a positive perception carried on his visit, so it is appropriate that the housing has good lighting, be orderly and even, it is advisable to give it a coat of paint to make it look good and perform some reform your home if necessary.