Practical advice so you know how to sell your house

The most common option in these cases is to delegate this work to a realtor who would be responsible for appraising their value, offering it to potential buyers and close the sale, with the commission included in the price. However, it is also possible to carry out this work directly, without the assistance of any real estate agent.

Rate property at a realistic value

It is necessary that you determine the real value of your property. The price will be determined by market conditions. It is therefore advisable that you properly reports on the price of other properties with similar characteristics in the area where your house is located. Land area, building area, materials and accessibility are some of the specifications that must be taken into account for proper appraisal. They can also hire a professional appraiser who will help you determine a suitable value.

Gather the necessary documentation

Make sure you have all the documentation in order to avoid any mishap at the time to get a buyer. If the property is mortgaged, ask the bank if there is no penalty for selling. Also, knows the current state of the mortgage debt, gathers documentation Public Records Office, the title and document municipal urban land. It’s a file or bundle with those documents, it includes all receipts taxes, excise taxes and other municipal taxes and make sure you know exactly what is affecting the property so you can inform potential buyers.

Put about the property

It all starts with the eyes and in the case of the sale of a property is no exception. The buyer should feel attracted to the house so I have to worry on display as welcoming as possible. To do this, deal to resolve, in this order, the following: repair floors, tiles, walls and generally anything that is damaged in its infrastructure; clean it thoroughly and keep it throughout the sales process, and; decorate it in a way that allows an interested feel it as their own, identifying with it.

Take advantage of different channels to promote it

According to your budget, you should consider the optimal way to get buyers. You can put an ad in the pages of classified ads daily, offering it in the mural announcements closest to the property supermarket, put an ad in the pages of specialized internet, post the offer on the major social networks and transmit information between your relatives and neighbors of the area. A combination of these options will expand the range to get customers quickly. Also consider putting a sale sign on the facade, with clear information contact number.


Some additional tips will help you succeed in your sales process. For example, it is desirable, in the decoration, decrease the amount of furniture to display, in order to show a larger and more spacious building. It is also recommended not show any reference to any political or religious affiliation; It is better to be neutral in that sense, to channel only positive emotions in the prospective buyer.