Seven “deadly sins” by teaching a house for sale

The first impression is essential to arouse the interest of buyers. Although many people want to buy a house without furniture, a bad presentation of the house before emptying you can ruin a good sale.

  • Expose any collection. It is true that the collections of trophies, medals, movies, seals … can be, in many cases, a source of pride for the owners of the apartment, but usually give a sense of visual overload. In addition, it will appear that the house has less space you have.
  • Present home before having a third opinion. This set of pictures that overload a wall, that threadbare towel in the bathroom or a couch full of cat hair may be details that the owner can ignore. Although the house has almost perfect, small errors are magnified by visitors. Therefore, it is advisable to speak with a real estate professional who point to some important details that should change.
  • Sort, clean, decorate, fix … and not check again. Although the owner believes he has already ordered everything he had left to sort that has left about decorating and presenting your floor in perfect condition, it may not be true. You have to decorate and redecorate. You cannot think that the first change and the first ‘sweep’ will have left the house spotless. Should invite a sincere friend or a mother to give us a third opinion on whether truly believes that is about housing.
  • Characterize themed rooms. The goal is to present to seduce a home where the buyer can imagine your life on it in the best way possible. This belief has led many owners to make one of their bedrooms look like a Parisian boulevard or your bathroom look like a beach and only sand and palm trees lacks. Primer this characterization to teach effectively how much space they stays how much light enters and the advantages available for each user can decorate their own way is another great ‘sin’.
  • Small details that betray people who still live in the house. A toothbrush, a hair, a lot stack of papers or a dish unwashed cause a terrible impression to visitors. You have to clean and prepare before each of the times to be taught to look like nobody lives there.
  • Messy and full of things crowded cabinets. Objects that are not visible does not mean they are out of the mind of the buyer. Surely, it wishes to review the closets to see what they have capacity. So, if you open and things will fall over, you will think the house has little space and spoil the first impression. If they are ordained, they even give you the feeling that they can lead an orderly life.
  • Not having the other senses besides sight. A house that smells of dog or has a heating system that has an annoying sound perceived almost immediately by the visitor just as she entered the house. Perhaps the owner has used these smells and sounds and not perceive it, but the prospective buyer will cause rejection almost immediately.