Some tips to help sell your home

Clear your house

When selling your home, excess furniture, paintings, books or boxes distracting, make it seem smaller and stays away lots of light. Sometimes only a repositioning of furniture and some small change generates a great advantage for housing

Order and cleanliness

If you’re going to sell the house, is the perfect place to empty storage rooms and garages, clear closets, clean and present all the best possible time. Eye to the kitchen counter and remember to leave the toilet seat raised (or without flushing) gives a sense of neglect and lack of hygiene.

Attention to Detail

To sell your home, a ventilated room, a pleasant smell (especially if you have pets at home), or some fresh flowers influence the image we cause to potential buyers. Very important! Go up the shutters and turn on the lights before it reaches the visit (lamps, the bedside table, even the extractor range hood) help and much to give the apartment together with a joy and warmth that the customer will receive.

Size furniture

If you want to sell your home, keep in mind that very large furniture make the rooms seem small, making movement difficult

A house that works

Does the doorbell well? And the heat?
The water reaches bathrooms and kitchens? They shut the doors and windows well? When selling your home, what you spend on these details, you recover in the price.

The greed breaks the sack

To help sell your home, do not select a real estate agency on top of his appraisal. The market is very stubborn. If the price is high, you waste time and sales opportunities.

Do not buy before selling

By good the opportunity! The market offers many options and the delay in selling your home can bring serious concerns.

Beware internet

Real estate portals are the initial price by the owner, not the price that really just selling. Only estate agents know the prices they are closing the recent sales.

Beauty is also outside

When selling your home, do not forget flowers in sight, exterior walls and floors in good condition. A well – kept garden can change our mood and buyers (or renters) potential visitors to your home. A showy flowers, for example, are recommended at the entrance of the house.

More details to sell your house

Few neatly folded towels on the sink. A basket of fruit in the kitchen. A blanket on the couch television, etc… Leave your house as you would like to find on arrival.

A pleasant visit

When selling your home, do not thrust talks during the visit. Seeks to respond to the interests and questions the buyer. You do not throw to give lengthy explanations. Do not deny the obvious. Think about whether your presence is required during the visit or if the agency can show the house well without you. The interested often be more sincere and relaxed if the owner is not present.

Do good numbers

Sell below the price at which you bought does not always mean losing. The same amount of money can have a very different value in a relatively short period.

The first impression that counts

Only have one chance to make a good impression. So the first customer visit to your home is vital to generate a second. Template thoroughly and Make the most of your home.

Invest to sell?

Two identical houses can vary by up to 15% its sales price or rent, depending on your filing status. Spending a little before putting it on sale can mean a lot in the final value.

Proper maintenance

If your home is empty, make sure it is kept clean throughout the process, the doors, windows and shutters open without difficulty and that the lights are working properly. Be sure to ventilate at least every week- and pays special attention to the good condition of your garden.

Distinguish the important

Location of a property it is vital to set its price, but it is something we cannot change. So you have to focus on other factors over which we can influence when they visit our home: light, general environment and aesthetics are aspects to which we should pay attention.

Pleasant temperature

Is OK to be environmentally friendly and save on heating or air conditioning, but if you receive a visit, make an exception, the buyer deserves. The house should be as pleasant as possible.

Avoid tall tales

It’s better than the buyer see things that imagines. It is better to see the pure crystals to say that the glazier comes tomorrow. It is better not to see humidity to say that tomorrow come to fix it. When visiting a home, has much more what we see than what we hear.