Techniques to sell a house fast

We give you some tips on how to sell a house. We hope you will help sell more quickly and easily.

First steps to take if I want to sell my house

Perform a property valuation. Advice the real price of housing is essential to set a price of vent. No can rely for example assessment listed in property taxes because they are not always updated.

Investigate the current situation in the housing market. To decide the price that will put selling is interesting to know to what homes are sold in the same neighborhood or the city itself, this will help us know if we are in the market price.

Documentation prepared and rule. If we want to sell our home quickly is important to have everything ready to make arrangements once we find a buyer. The documentation also we can apply any of the potential buyers to find out the status of housing. We will take the writings of the property, the property title or deed registered in the public registry of property. This is important, for example, if it is a heritage as housing will be the name of a deceased person. Assess housing

How to prepare your home for sale

Like when we meet a most important person is the first impression is we cause, with a house is the same. If we want to sell our home quickly is critical that potential buyers when they see our ad or visit stay in love at first sight. The appearance of the house is in many ways more important than other details cases, as it will help us make a decision faster motivated by emotions rather than by reason.

At present, it is very fashionable what has been called “Home Staging” english term that refers to the “Staging a house.” It is a technique on the real estate market which involves making some changes in housing to make it more attractive for sale. The changes that can be made quickly and that will help in the sale are:

  • Put up the living space, highlight the strengths and can be more attractive.
  • When someone visits our house to buy we have to keep in mind that do not want to see is our home, but feel if that space could become yours. They see the potential of the house to make it a special place and your taste. Therefore it is important to remove personal items such as photos and pictures, and leave a more neutral decor that can please everyone. Also, if it is a minimalist d├ęcor, visitors can focus on the characteristics and condition of housing.
  • It would be important to make the visit at a time in which we count with natural light, if not, we must have good lighting. One trick is to buy a bulb that provides natural light and place the lamps so that we push forward lighting that comfort.
  • To get a quick purchase decision is necessary order. If we remove some useless objects, and other things we order, it will give a feeling of more space.
  • It is important to perform a thorough cleaning, especially kitchen and bathroom. We can also place a dresser or flowers that will help us that the house always smells good.
  • If we want to sell as soon as possible, sometimes you need to invest time a small amount of money to fix minor damage, so that the home more attractive and sold before.
  • It is essential that during the visit have a sense of comfort, we spoke to place an air freshener for the smell, but equally important will be to have a comfortable temperature, and the absence of noise or other external disturbances.
  • This will depend very much on whether we sell the house is our home now or housing unused. For example, if you inherit a house and this is old furniture probably be spoiled or outdated. It would therefore be advisable to evict or equip it with some new furniture. We also take care of the state of the garden or garage.
  • It is a reality that is now more easily sold than smaller or medium – sized homes. So a chance to make more money and sell your home faster, is to segregation or division project housing. Thus if you have a home with many square meters it could divide it into two and sell them separately.

Quality photos. The announcement is very important to add several photos from different parts of the house so that the user can view the status. The trick is to make good pictures in which the best of the house is enhanced and good lighting. You can add a picture of the facade, the portal or other elements of the building if they are to be an incentive for the buyer. Place main image the best picture and never be the bathroom. House sell photos.

Detailed. Description Next to the pictures we need to add a text description of the house, do not forget to indicate the performance of the building, technical data, and all attractive information that can help the buyer decides to visit her site.

Sincerity in the ad. In addition to a detailed description is to be sincere and that nothing will be a good advertisement if everyone who visits the house feel cheated. We also need to be clear with the price, and set the same price for all ads on different platforms, because if the prospective buyer is our house advertised on multiple sites in different prices.

Update. Try to keep the announcement date and make changes to make it more attractive. If you see the starting price nobody is interested, try to modify it in small quantities to see if you get better results.

Feedback. Once we hang our ad will begin to receive calls and some emails from interested persons. It is essential that you not delay in responding to people who have contacted you. The sooner we have visits before the sell.

Communication. To get a buyer is necessary to make a good online communication with stakeholders, and that communication during the visit make the prospective buyer feel comfortable. You also need to know how to negotiate, as these buyers are likely to try to make us different offers.

Hopefully these tips can sell your home fast. If you need any technical procedure to make the sale do not hesitate to contact Certicalia and we will inform on the procedures to carry out.