The art of organizing and decorating a home for sale

Have you thought about home staging to sell your house? It is a new technique imported from the United States, which can help you reduce the time of sale and even increase the price of the property. With some simple touch-ups at home, authentic miracles can be performed.

Many times to sell a property you have to take additional measures to the usual ones. Under the concept of home staging we find an increasingly popular proposal and service that consists of organizing furniture and decoration with the intention of teaching a home for sale. The purpose is to depersonalize a home to the maximum so that potential buyers identify with it and can imagine living inside it.

Sometimes, all that is needed is to eliminate elements of everyday life although, in some cases, home staging also requires painting with more neutral colors or replacing certain pieces of furniture. Whatever the solution, it is advisable to have experts in home staging, such as Hermes & Mathew, who will advise you, make the changes for you and give you the key so that your floor does not go unnoticed.

When buying a home, a buyer takes into account three aspects: the location, the price and the state of the property. As a landlord cannot change the location and obviously wants to stand firm on the price that your real estate agency has set, the state of the property is the only variable with which you can play. This is where home staging enters the scene.

When hiring the services of home staging it is fundamental to let yourself be advised. Most owners are too emotionally connected to be objective with respect to everything in their home and, for this reason, it is important to remember over and over again that housing is no longer our home but one more product in the market.

There are very basic rules of home staging that must be respected:

To avoid potential buyers being distracted when visiting the home, it is important to eliminate all memories (family photographs, etc.). On some occasions, it may be recommended to remove the mirrors so that visitors do not divert attention to see themselves reflected.

The bathrooms should also be as impersonal as possible and toiletries should be replaced by more neutral decorative elements such as plants or ceramic items.

Organizing furniture is an aspect that must also be borne in mind. Sometimes they will have to be relocated and, in others, removed or replaced by others. If you have to opt for this last option, home staging contemplates quick and especially economic solutions such as cardboard furniture that can be very effective in these cases.

Let there be light

If a room is impeccable, you have to make it easy for potential buyers to see it perfectly. Most home staging professionals, recommend making the most of natural light by opening curtains and raising blinds.

If the weather permits, the open windows let in fresh air, an additional advantage to eliminate a possible closed environment that could end up distracting the buyers. On the day of the visit, it is important to turn on all the lights in the house so that the rooms appear brighter and larger.

Home staging is, in short, the art of knowing how to organize and decorate a home for sale. The professional look will help you sell your property more quickly with simple touches.